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No matter your project or supply needs, we have the steel pipe expertise to assist you. Our team has significant experience in delivering high-quality, large-diameter carbon steel pipes to support various industries, including marine, mining, stadia, bridges, construction and agriculture.

All our products are certified to meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Ferry Bridge with steel pipe foundation


We maintain a broad inventory of structural pipe stocks from 273mm to 610mm for fast supply to the marine construction industry for marinas, piers, wharves and jetties.

With extensive experience, we can meet the diverse specifications and QA requirements prevalent in domestic piling and construction projects. We can also arrange local fabrication and splicing to exact specifications.

All materials are certified to meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Roof of a building with a steel foundation


With over 5,000 tonnes of local stock, we can swiftly deliver a full range of structural pipes for various general construction projects, including airports, large trusses, road gantries and infrastructure. What we can’t source locally, we’ll find.

We can readily accommodate additional testing requirements because our extensive inventory is 100% fully certified across a range of specifications.

In addition, we employ pipe profiling machines across states for precise, rapid cutting of up to 1200mm diameter pipes in any shape with accurate bevels.

Two ladies roaming on a architectural bridge


Our extensive range allows for prompt supply of large-diameter pipe for structural piles or casings for concrete formwork in bridge construction, meeting various specifications and QA requirements.

We can arrange local fabrication and splicing to meet any specific length in every major market in the country and can deliver anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Where time permits, we can offer commercial gains by sourcing specific project requirements directly from our international manufacturing mill partners.

Stadium roof built from steel pipe


With a wide range of local stock and the ability to source externally, we are fully equipped to meet the demand for the structural steel pipes required for stadium construction, including heavy wall thicknesses.

Such marquee community projects require rigorous testing regimes, and we only supply 100% fully certified steel pipes that meet various specifications.

We can utilise pipe profiling machines across multiple states, enabling precise and rapid cutting of up to 1200mm diameter pipes in any shape, consistently delivering accurate bevels.

Steel tractor


Steelpipes offers a selection of large-diameter pipes, including 900nb, 1050nb and 1200nb, in heavy wall thicknesses of 20mm and 25.4mm, suitable for various heavy roller manufacturing applications.

Because we exclusively source from reputable mills, you can trust that any agricultural machinery you fabricate and paint will feature a high-quality finish and will look fantastic.

All materials are certified to meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Installed underground steel pipe


Whether you require a slurry line or general fabrication for mine upgrades, our extensive range supports your project requirements.

Our 5,000+ tonne multiple certified stock meets API5L Oil and Gas and fulfils all structural requirements for mining.

We can provide an initial supply from our stocks and arrange subsequent supply for the remainder directly from our overseas manufacturing mill partners.

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