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Steelpipes is your trusted stockist and supplier of fully certified, medium to large diameter steel pipes for use in structural and low pressure applications. With stock holdings in yards around the country and expertise in supply chain management, we’ll either have it on the ground or can source it for you. Our dedicated team will provide a variety of solutions specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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We understand all projects differ slightly and are committed to delivering a solution every time. Our professional team will provide quick, honest and transparent communication from start to finish. Steelpipes will continue to offer quality, friendly service and great value at every opportunity.

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Recent Projects

Geraldton Pier

Geraldton Port is an export hub and welcomes cruise ships, oil rig tenders and other vessels. In June, new construction for Geraldton Pier commenced for this multipurpose smaller pier.

Allianz Stadium

We supplied a combination of local and overseas stock in various lengths for Allianz Stadium, all requiring extensive additional testing to meet the project requirements.

Howard Smith Wharves

We supplied epoxy-coated, long-length pipes in various lengths with pile shoe fabrication sourced internationally, arriving in Brisbane Port and unloaded directly onto the barge.

Altona Pier

For the Altona Pier redevelopment with a modernised look, we supplied various lengths of local stock for initial piling and overseas supply for the remainder of the project.

Esperance Jetty

The Esperance Jetty project involved new construction to improve accessibility, and we supplied a combination of ex-Steelpipes local stock and internationally sourced pipes.

St Kilda Pier

We supplied a combination of various lengths of ex-local Steelpipes stock for initial piling, as well as international supply for the bulk of the St Kilda Pier redevelopment.

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